The Problem with Faith

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group put the truth of what God is saying to you into action. Begin with the opening question(s), read the additional scriptures and questions, and then wrap up by discussing your next steps.

BIG Idea: Trust God enough to do what He says, no matter how much we feel or how much we doubt.

Opening Question

       ·  Are you a risk taker by nature?

Discussion Questions

Read: Acts 12:6-17, Hebrews 11:6

       ·  What was the one thing that stuck out to you the most in this week’s message?

       ·  Where do you think the idea that “Big risk is needed to please God comes from”? Have you ever heard that line of thinking?

       ·  Of the 5 lies of Big Faith Pastor Matt told us about, which one do you most identify with? 

       ·  How have you recently doubted God’s ability to move powerfully in your life or on your behalf?

       ·  How does seeing men and women in the Bible take doubt-filled action change your perspective of faith?

Next Steps

What is your next small step of obedient faith?