What Would Jesus Undo: Indifference

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group put the truth of what God is saying to you into action. Begin with the opening question(s), read the additional scriptures and questions if needed, and then wrap up by discussing your next steps.

Big Idea: Everyday, do something that requires faith.

Opening Questions

        ·  When was the last time you were critized?  How did you feel about it?

Discussion Questions

Read: Rev 3:15-20

       ·  Did anything in particular impact you from this weekend's message?

       ·  Which cause of indifference do you most easily identify with—the illusion of self-sufficiency, distractions of this world or disappointment in God not doing what you want?

       ·  Which of the six “indifferent”spiritual challenges do you struggle with most?

       ·  Verse 20 of Revelation 3 is usually quoted out of context.  People use it to describe how Jesus stands at our heart and "knocks" but here it is actually referring to Him being outside of a "indifferent church" and wanting to come in.  How does that understanding make you feel about indifference leaving Jesus on the outside looking in?

       ·  What will you do every day this week to destroy indifference in your life?

Check In Question

Following up on last week’s big idea/challenge, share something you did last week that required faith.

Next Steps

What is something you can do tomorrow that will require faith?