The Wrong Direction

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group put the truth of what God is saying to you into action. Begin with the opening question(s), read the additional scriptures and questions, and then wrap up by discussing your next steps.

BIG Idea: The purpose of prayer is to surrender; not impose our will.

Opening Question

       ·  Tell a story of when you got caught not knowing what you’re doing.

Discussion Questions

Read: Matthew 6:5-11

       ·  How does it make you feel to know that God sees you when you pray?

       ·  How have you tried to bend God’s will in prayer?

       ·  What would it look like for your prayer to start with recognizing God’s majesty and submission of your will before you get into all you need?

       ·  What prayers have you offered lately asking for Provision, Pardon or Protection?

       ·  What differences are there between what Christ modeled and how you typically pray?

Next Steps

Declare God’s Greatness

Surrender Your Will

Acknowledge Your Dependence

— The more time you spend on the first two, the less time you need to spend on the last one —