Chasing More

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group put the truth of what God is saying to you into action. Begin with the opening question(s), read the additional scriptures and questions, and then wrap up by discussing your next steps.

BIG Idea: Getting more of what we already have will never leave us fully satisfied.

Opening Question

       ·  Can you think of a scenario in your life where you had high hopes in something you purchased but instead quickly felt let down?

Discussion Questions

Read: Ecc 5:8-20

       ·  In verses 8-9 Solomon describes “ the oppression of the poor” how does this relate to the rest of the passage? What are some ways this is still happening today & what can do? 

       ·  In verse 10-12 Solomon is concerned about anyone who loves money. What are the dangerous patterns Solomon describes? How have you seen these to be true in our culture? How have you seen them to be true in your own life? 

       ·  Read verses 13-17- what are Solomon’s concerns and why do they matter to us today? 

·  Finally, how does the chapter end (18-20)? What conclusion did Solomon come to? Why is his opinion worth listening to? 

       ·  What are some ways we could develop contentment in our own lives?