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GiveLove is our initiative to show an unprecedented amount of love to the foster children and youth of Yolo County.

Over the last two years the amount of children in foster care in Yolo county has almost doubled. This year we are partnering with Yolo County Social Services and several other organizations to provide for the Christmas wish for every single foster child in our county!

From now until Sunday December 9th we’re asking you to pick up a Give Love Card either from a weekend service at Catalyst or during the week from Fit Republic in Woodland. On it you will find the age, gender, and wish of a foster child in Yolo County. Go buy your gifts and then bring them back, unwrapped, with the card taped on top to Catalyst or Fit Republic. We’ll then wrap them up for you and have them delivered to the children before Christmas.

If you have family or friends who live out of town who want to get involved, they can donate on this page; just sent them to and we’ll have gift buyers standing by to turn their generous gift into a Christmas wish.

Thanks so much for getting involved with Give Love this year. We know it will go a long way in showing our county’s foster youth that even in life’s most difficult days, we are here to give love.

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