Welcome to Catalyst Church.

What is Catalyst?

We are a brand new churchplant in Woodland, CA, launching our weekly services on Dec 7, 2014. We have a very clear mission – to help people find & follow Jesus. We try to do our best to give people a reason to live for, not just rules to live by. Simply, that means to help people find and follow Jesus, without all the religion. At the time of this writing, our weekly services average around 150 (125-175 is a typical weekend range), made up of about 40% skeptic and 60% follower of Christ.  Last Fall we secured our own property and are in the process of renovations to move in by the Fall of 2017. We are a community of people who boldly preach and live out the Gospel, praying and planning for skeptics to be welcomed and involved.  Looking for a talented worship leader who has a keen eye for developing teams, and a passion to see worship become a key part of a local church community. 

What kind of music do we play?

Some of our favorite artists: Vertical Church Band, Mosaic MSC, Elevation Worship, Kings Kaleidoscope, Citizens & Saints, Red Rocks Worship, etc.

To give you an idea of a typical weekend, here are some songs our current band recorded: 

Other fun facts if you want to geek out on technology:

We recently just invested in a Beheringer X32, and run all of our sound wirelessly.  In addition, we outfitted the team with wireless in-ears and have wireless plug ins for most instruments.  As we design our new space we are moving all lighting to digital LED.  In addition, we have an in house drum kit and Korg Kross keyboard.  In short, we try to be at the leading edge of technology to give us the purest sound in the most efficient methods possible.

If you want to see the official job description, download it HERE.

If you're interested in this position (or just want to reach out to find out more) please send a completed Employment Application (DOWNLOAD HERE), and resume if you desire, to our lead pastor at: