Church Wide Bible Reading Plan

Join Others in a Group Plan through the YouVersion Bible App

We believe that few things will change your life more than reading God’s Word on a daily basis.  At the same time, we know it can be a difficult habit to start or maintain. That is why we believe reading the Bible in community is the best way to stay engaged over a long period of time.

The benefits of joining a group plan are twofold (at least)
1. Keeps you accountable. You know that you’re not in it alone. We all know how hard it is to stay committed when we’re trying to do it all by ourselves.  It also helps those of us with a competitive motivation to not fall behind the group.
2. You can “Talk It Over”.  After each day’s reading, there is space to interact with others and write out how God is speaking to you. Then others can be encouraged as well and you can also read other people’s reflections for things you might not have noticed!  Leave this section alone if you’re an introvert who had a chill go down your spine even thinking about participating but for all the extroverts in the room - get on it!

Past Reading Plan: The Torah

Bible Reading Plan FAQ

1. Which version should I read?
You can read any version you want. However, we usually preach from the English Standard Version (ESV), so if you are able, read from the ESV.

2. I missed a day. What do I do?
If you miss a day, week etc…, don’t worry. Just pick up with the current day’s reading. Don’t be stressed with having to catch up (unless you can!) . While the goal is to read through the plan together, the bigger goal is to develop a habit of being in God’s word daily and to meditate on it.

3. YouVersion Bible App: The plan has already started and I want to join in late.
No worries, sign up anyways. You will be able to start at the current days reading and share in the talk it over section with others. If you want to do the plan on your own and start from the beginning - you can find the plan in YouVersion and start it with your own friends.

Bible Reading Resources (You Version)
You can start and read plans on your own at any time. Simply download the app or create an account online and discover a plan. You can also start a plan and invite your friends to join you - info can be found HERE
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