Things To Know Before Your First Community Group
First off, thank you for taking the step of joining a community group. We believe that some of your most significant spiritual growth lies ahead. We wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect before your first group.

  • Is there any homework? All of our community groups are sermon based discussions. They take the main points from Sunday and bring them into points of application during the week. We would invite you, if you are unable to attend the weekend, to listen to the sermon podcast before attending. The podcast is usually posted by Sunday evening. In addition, the questions that will be discussed are available on our app so you can review beforehand.

  • What goes on in a group? A typical group looks like this: 10 minutes of hang out as people and families arrive, 10 minutes of opening questions to “break the ice” (they are usually linked to the overall topic), 40 minutes of application/ discussion based on the sermon, 15-20 minutes of personal sharing and prayer. This is IMPORTANT: nobody is going to MAKE you share. So, take as long as you need to feel comfortable. We’d love to hear your thoughts but if you want to give it a week or two before you give your 2 cents or let the group know how they can be praying for you, that is no problem.

  • How long is the group? A typical group is anywhere from 75-90 minutes. Groups then also go in 8-12 week seasons with breaks in between so that we don’t burn anyone out and make it possible for people to change their level of commitment based on their personal life circumstance.

  • What if I need to miss a week? No problem. Simply let your group leader know so that they aren’t waiting for you or are unaware of what you have going on. Attend as often as you can but we understand that sometimes life “just happens”.

  • Can I bring my kids? We leave that up to each individual group so be sure to ask.

  • What else do the groups do other than sermon based discussion? Frequently groups will break for BBQs or other fun hang outs like going to a movie, bowling, etc. Some groups take a week off to serve in our community through a serve day or event. Our goal for groups if for you to develop relationships and friendships that help you find and follow Jesus.