There’s so much more to Catalyst Church than just sitting in rows on Sunday morning. We think that circles, or  Catalyst groups, are the best way to find out how God wants you to live alongside friends who help you along the way.  If you want to take a massive leap forward in your own spiritual development, then Catalyst groups are for you.  We have three different styles of groups to help meet the various needs and learning styles present within our community.  

If you're looking to connect beyond the weekly sermon in a group, click below and we will help you take that step.


Everyone needs a place to belong; to know that people have our back, our best interest at heart and will nudge us towards Jesus when we need it the most.  Crews are gatherings of 6-8 people (mostly gender specific) who meet weekly to study the Bible, apply it to their lives, and build deep and meaningful relationships along the way.  If you’re serious about following after Jesus, then joining a crew is your best next step.


Classes, as you might expect, take a more traditional classroom approach with a flare of group interaction to a specific topic.  Centered around specific 6-10 week seasons, classes focus on how we can get on to God’s agenda in various areas of our life such as finances, marriage, parenting, leadership, etc. Discussion is typically based around a book review or topic curriculum selected for that season.


[Postponed Until Further Notice]
Everyone has things they love to do with their free time from hiking to wine tasting.  Meet-up groups gather around a shared interest to develop connections and relationships with other people within the Catalyst family. Meet-ups may be one-off events or more routine gatherings that allow people to engage and commit at whatever level they desire.