JustOne is an ongoing initiative to help you develop rhythms of dependence on God in your life.
In this season it is our hope that these rhythms not only help you grow personally, but also influence the lives of those around you.


There are two big ways we are encouraging you to get involved with this initiative on a daily basis:
Will you INVEST in one person as they make their own individual journey to find and follow Jesus?  Many of us have a relationship with Jesus because of a single person who INVESTED in us.  The reality is we all have multiple people in our lives who would take massive leaps towards faith in Christ if we would take the time to INVEST in them: grow in relationship, spend time with them, and pray for their spiritual journey.  Would you prayerfully consider one name of an individual you can INVEST in for this next year and see what God might do?

Will you begin at INVESTING 1%,or increase your monthly generosity by 1% to grow in your faith of God’s provision.  Our community has been able to do more than we ever asked or imagined based on the generosity of so many of you at Catalyst.  It has given us the reputation as a church who boldly represents Jesus to our community in tangible ways.  We have seen over the years how generosity has allowed allow us to significantly broaden our Kingdom impact.  As we grow, we want to continue to expand our ministries and even begin to take some of them overseas.  Would you prayerfully consider evaluating what percent of your personal budget is set aside for generosity and begin at, or increase by, 1%? 

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