Stepping out to serve on a team is a great way to use the gifts you have for the greater good of helping
people find and follow Jesus. Whether you are out front or behind the scenes – you can play an essential
role in the big picture. We are confident that one of the teams below will be a great fit for you. Click
“Get Started” when you find a team (or 2) you want to explore.

- Our Teams -

First Impressions

Catalyst takes first impressions very seriously; we won’t get a 2nd chance to make a great first impression. There are 5 teams that work together to create a safe, organized, welcoming and friendly experience for guests on Sunday mornings.

Greeter - If you are outgoing, talkative and enjoy meeting new people, this may be the place for you. Our greeters are strategically placed out front as the first people a guest will see as they look for first timers and welcome everyone with a friendly greeting on Sunday mornings.

Info Bar - 
This team is all about helping people get connected. If you have a gift for guest relations and are comfortable with technology, you’ll fit right in. The Info Bar team sets up the tablets for sign ups, helps give swag bags to new guests and makes sure information gets from guests to the staff. 

Coffee Bar - 
This may be a good team for you if you find joy in providing hospitality and have an eye for detail. The Coffee bar team comes before service to brew coffee and set out items on the bar or they stay after to put everything away.

Pit Crew - This team may be a good fit for you If you are a dependable task-oriented person who likes to work with your hands and stay behind the scenes. The Pit crew comes in early to put out signs, shine the glass doors, and empty the garbage cans in order to prepare our space for guests. 

Safety : Security - The Security team is made up of individuals who create a security presence on site. They are trained to observe the surroundings and minimize the impact of any security threat to the worship service. They work closely with staff and Catalyst Kids during checkout to make sure that all of our littles can worship in a safe space.

Safety : Medical - If you have any level of professional medical training and would like to make yourself available to be called upon in an emergency during the service you are attending, this may be a great and simple way for you to serve.

Family Ministries

Catalyst Kids

Partnering with parents to equip the next generation to find and follow Jesus is what the Catalyst Kids environments are all about. We have different environments separated by age groups and special events throughout the year.

Check-In - If you love the idea of setting a new family at ease and are comfortable with technology, this may be a great fit for you. The Check-in team greets kids and their families on Sunday mornings, helps new families get started and oversees the check in and check out process for classrooms.

Nursery - Do you love holding and playing with babies? The nursery volunteers care for children birth to 2 years of age while their parents engage in worship in the auditorium.

Lead Teachers - 
Our teachers use our curriculum to plan lessons and crafts to teach students age appropriate lessons to know Jesus and understand how He wants us to live. If you want to make an eternal difference in the life of a child, this is the spot for you.

Assistants - 
Classroom assistants support the lead teacher with preparing the classroom, encouraging positive behavior in the kids and helping with crafts.

Jr. Assistants - 
If you are a student in 6th through 12th grade, we have a space for you to get involved with helping younger children find and follow Jesus. The younger kids love it and you learn a lot too!

Student Ministries

Student Leaders – Want to make a difference in the lives of 6th graders and beyond as they navigate this confusing world? Student leaders are trained to use our curriculum to facilitate discussion about Jesus and how to follow Him. iMPACT is for 6th through 9th graders and hosts Sunday morning gatherings and regular events throughout the year.

Creative Arts

We love having people use their gifts to provide an engaging weekend experience through creative means. The creative arts team is full of  talented, hard-working, proactive volunteers who are in to film, audio, graphic design, production, music, or planning and logistics.

Audio/Visual - This may be your team if you are detail oriented, tech savvy and don’t mind working in the background. If you have ever seen or heard a piece of creative media at Catalyst, it is all thanks to our tech team.

Band - 
If you have some talent with a musical instrument or vocals and have a desire to create meaningful worship experiences on Sundays, then join up with our band.

Photographer - 
Our photographers  are pros at capturing  the moments that visually tell the story of Catalyst.  They help create content for us to use on social media, promotional material and other cataloging of our church through the years.

Graphic Design -
Most of our communication starts with a visual element and our graphic designers are behind each and every sermon series, event and gathering.  Help get the word out by creating stunning graphics that make people want to engage.

Video Production -
Life change at Catalyst is a story that needs to be told.  Bring your skills with storytelling and editing to help us relay the story of baptisms, events and life change.

Spiritual Formation

Discipleship - If you are a committed mature Christian and would like to know how you can help other believers grow in their faith, we have a number of discipleship environments where you can be a part of helping others find and follow Jesus.

In-Service Prayer - 
If you enjoy lifting others up in prayer to help them connect with and trust in God for all their cares this may be a good place for you to serve.  Our teams pray with individuals who come forward during the second worship set to end our service.

Pre-Service Prayer - 
Having people pray through the building, in each classroom, the auditorium and for the service is a powerful way to prepare to reach people on Sundays.

Care Team - 
The care team follows up with people after prayer requests, illnesses, deaths and other life events to let them know we are thinking about and praying for them.


Facility - Facility volunteers help with cleaning, special projects, and small repairs. If you are a hands-on kind of person and want to serve behind the scenes during the week, we’ve got your team.

Admin - 
Our weekly admin team is full of those people with administrative or organization skills  that help our ministries through a variety of needs: scheduling, data entry, sorting, organizing, shopping, printing, etc.