UPDATE: Join us on YouTube at 10am every Saturday!

With all the kiddos out of school, we want to provide you with everything you need to create a church experience at home! Join in with worship, crafts, teaching videos and more to make the most of this time as a family.  Our YouTube channel will go live every Saturday HERE. To access more of the children’s curriculum and other resources go to catalystwoodland.com/cklive.
At Catalyst Kids our hope is that by walking along side parents, we can help each child nurture their relationship with Jesus Christ. Whether this is your child's first time ever going to church or they have been raised in the church, we know they are going to have a great time in Catalyst Kids!  On Sundays, our adult leaders help your child discover Gods daily presence in their life through creative arts, friendships, relevant Bible teaching, and lively discussions.

We create a loving, quiet and calming environment for our littlest babies.  We might play soft music, put out blankets to lie on, or use bouncers for a change of scenery.  We understand infants are new and precious, so we care for them as lovingly as a good friend would.  As babies grow, they are learning to sit up, crawl, walk, and explore on their own.  We provide busy and active areas as well as soft and tranquil areas in our nursery.

We want our preschoolers to have fun, learn and grow together at Catalyst Kids.Therefore, classroom consistency and relational boundaries are essential to making this the best hour of their week. Our teachers follow a similar format,with subtle changes, each week so every child knows what to expect and can fully enjoy our time with them.

At this age, children really begin to own their faith and discover the wonder of God's story, the truth of the Gospel, and what it means to follow Jesus.  This is where partnering with parents and developing intentional relationships become as important as the classroom content.  Elementary kids are also brought back to the Main Worship Service near the end of the program so they can worship with their parents and the larger church family.

Have some more questions?  Feel free to check out our Kids FAQ page.